We’re a group of people who care about our community.

The Arts & Adventure Association (A&AA) is a non-profit public charity organization (501(C)(3)) dedicated to sustaining and improving all types of art and outdoor adventure along the Highway 4 Ebbetts Pass Corridor in the heart of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains. A&AA is supported by tax deductible donations to accomplish “The Mission.”

The Mission

On the Performing and Fine Art Front:
Provide venues and events to feature all types of art. Fill vacant commercial spaces with artists to allow creation and selling of wares. Develop an interactive mapping and marketing system to help artists connect and draw traffic to their store fronts.

On the Adventure Side:
Develop, sustain and improve responsible outdoor adventure sports and activities in the Highway 4 Ebbetts Pass Corridor of the Sierra. With and through other organizations, promote and hold recreational and competitive adventure events.

Long Term Goal: Arnold Base Camp
Create mobility and recreational pathways to make Arnold a walkable and bike accessible town with off road parking, parks, and venues for music and other performing arts as well display and access to public works of art and adventure events.

Association Officers

Dale Pilgeram, Chairman

Business Owner Community Involvement: Pinebrook HOA President, EPPOC rep, GABA rep, Fire Safety Coordinator

Rob Montgomery, Chief Financial Officer

Rob is an area business owner who heads A&AA’s adventure division, as well as history of community involvement and organizations.

Cynthia Modders, Marketing & Chief Information Officer

Cynthia is also an area business owner.

Justin Dollar

Justin is also an area business owner and will head the Arnold Base Camp division of the A&AA.